Board of Regents Must Respond to NWCCU Letter by 10/31

Must Address Matters of System Governance and Provide a greater role for the Chancellors.

On Thursday, September 26, the President of the regional accreditor of UAF, UAA, and UAS wrote a letter to the Board of Regents, System President Jim Johnsen and the three chancellors informing them that the governance structures for higher education in Alaska were out of compliance with NWCCU requirements.

This was not a matter of problems at UAF, UAA, or UAS about academic programs or mission fulfilment. It was about the degree to which decisions made at the top of the system were subject to sound governance and widespread participation by stakeholders.

The NWCCU required that a report be sent to them by all parties involved by October 31 detailing what steps have been taken to address their concerns

Stay tuned for updates!